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Real Estate in Canal Park, Duluth, Minnesota

Canal Park - Duluth, Minnesota
Canal Park is a great location to spend the day. Take in the scenic north shore of Lake Superior. It all starts at Canal Park. See the Ocean Vessels make their way in through the canal and pass under the Lift Bridge. Many restaurants and shops are some of the best in the entire North Land of Minnesota! The D.E.C.C. arena boasts many national concert events as well as specific featured exhibits like sporting and camping shows as well as Hockey Games, boat shows, wrestling, and more! The new Great Lakes Aquarium is next to the D.E.C.C. auditorium and the Omni Theatre are all within walking distance. Enjoy the digital photos and pictures below of Canal Park.
Pictured above you will see the Lift Bridge as you begin to approach and drive over it as well as an aerial photo from above. Restaurants and stores of all types are located in this area right here.
Just as you cross over the lift bridge, you can park and walk out here and possibly catch some ships coming in. As you continue down the canal park drive you will come to an open park area. This is a great spot to stop with the kids as you see a photo of the play area here in the shape of a ship. There is also great access here to get to the beach!
Here we have 2 aerial photos looking at the beginning and end of the beach.
The 2 photos above show a freighter loading up. It recently came through the canal. The next picture shows the 2 main rail tracks coming down to the Duluth Ports for ships to load up with ore from the Iron Range. You can see the iron ore piles to the right of the one set of tracks.

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