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Real Estate in Chisholm, Minnesota

Chisholm, Minnesota
The Blue Streaks!
Located in St. Louis County

Located in the heart of Iron Country is Chisholm. North of Hibbing about 5 miles on Hwy 73 and a little more than 3 hours from the Twin Cities, this rustic Iron Town has a lot of history.
Enjoy the Photos and what this town has to offer! A Great Family Day Outing is sure to be had here!
The first thing that you really notice in Chisholm, is Iron Man. He stands tall and proud and is a symbol of the men who worked the Iron Range and mined the ore that made America what it is today. It is the 3rd largest free-standing statue in the USA. In my opinion, this iron structure will be standing long after the pyramids erode away! This statue is huge and the weight of it must be truly immense. Guessing at a height of close to 100 feet, you can't miss it.
This is also the spot where you would enter Iron World Discovery Center! Iron World showcases the Iron Range's rich industrial, cultural and ethnic history. Exhibits, costumed living history interpreters, arts and crafts, music festivals and ethnic cuisine provide for an educational and fun family experience.

The Minnesota Mining Museum is also located in Chisholm. Featuring the equipment used by miners and many other fun things to see and do.
Located in Chisholm right at this beauty of a water tower, lies the entrance to the Mining Museum. Another great family event with educational and history to be seen by all.
Another small gem I found while cruising the town was this great playground! Called - "Paradise City" - A Field of Dreams, this will let the kids burn off some of that car lag for sure! Mine had to hop right out and were gone for quite awhile. This one isn't easy to find, so ask for some directions as it is located about a good mile and a half I would guess from downtown located on the grounds of an elementary school. Definately worth the stop, as it is one of the largest such playgrounds I have seen. I really love the name.

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