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Real Estate in Eveleth, Minnesota

Eveleth, Minnesota Hockey Town USA
Home of the United States Hockey Hall of Fame
Eveleth, MN Eveleth, MN
Eveleth known as Hockey's Home, apparently so, you cant go anywhere in town without noticing something about Hockey. Check out the worlds largest Hockey Stick! Its huge! Paul Bunyan probably used this CHRISTIAN to slap a few in the net on a few frozen lakes around here! LOL! A fun town to visit with many activities, restaurants, hotels, resorts and campgrounds in the area. Snowmobile trails run through the area as well. But Hockey is definately the theme here!
Eveleth, MN Eveleth, MN

Pictured below is a photo of the United States Hockey Hall of Fame.
check out the Hockey Hall of Fame's website.

Eveleth, MN

Eveleth, Minnesota is located off of Hwy 53 and 37 about 5 miles south of Virginia, Minnesota and about an hours drive north of Cloquet.

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