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Real Estate in Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Grand Rapids, Minnesota is located on Hwy 169 North of Mille Lacs Lake about 50 minutes. Total driving time from St. Paul - Minneapolis would be about 2 1/2 - 3 hours. Grand Rapids is one of the larger cities in Northern Minnesota and you can find an abundance of shopping centers and restaurants as well as hotels, motels, campgrounds and resorts in the area.

A Minnesota Star City
Grand Rapids is located in the heart of Paper Country. Huge Paper Mills are the main business industry in this area. Blandin Paper Company being one of the largest.
Aside from showing you the main drags through town, I would like to bring to your attention some of the off the beat and path things to see and do. Enjoy Grand Rapids!
Judy Garland Childrens Museum and Store. The Mural on the side of this building was really neat and stood right out on one of the main drags running through town.
I want to bring your attention to this water tower. There are no words on it, but it stands out enough to recognize the area. Why I want you to take notice is that there is a small boat launch at its base. This would be a perfect spot to drop in a canoe and go for a nice ride in this quiet waterway called Hale Lake. Also at this landing is a couple of picnic tables and a few parking spots.
Up around the bend you will come to Blandin Beach! A great spot for the kids to swim and play! Blandin Beach is located off the main drag through town. At the corner of 4th St NW and 10th Ave. NW make the turn and the Beach is about 3 blocks. This is within the area of the Water Tower so you'll know you are close if you see the tower.

The Forest History Center run by the Minnesota Historical Society is located just outside of town would be a very educational place to take in a tour.
The Old Central School - A Unique Marketplace
Not much to say but Great Shopping! Located right off the main drag, you can't miss this one, she stands right out.

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