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Real Estate in Hastings, Minnesota

When first coming into the town of Hastings you go over this bridge. It replaced the old Spiral Bridge that had been the landmark for many years and was seen by river boat travelers. This is the main bridge to go across the Mississippi River to get to St. Paul which is about a 30 minute drive north on Hwy 61.

Just as you go over the Mississippi River, looking west you will see Lock and Dam #2. Here are some photos of the Dam opening up and letting the water fill up the lock to let the boats continue up river. This was very fun and informative to watch! It's quite an operation. Free parking is available and if you are in the area stop and see this.


Also along the same frontage road that the Lock and Dam is on, you will pass Lake Rebecca. Now the beach area is closed. I think it was due to the geese taking over. It seems a waste as it was once a popular swimming and picnicing area. There are still some tables and fishing seems to draw some folks in for the day. The park has a nice quiet setting without the swimmers, so this is still a great place to take a nice break.

A few businesses in the historic downtown area. 

Shown in the photos are Creative Hearts Gifts & Crafts and Black Diamond Design. I just love the scenery of Hastings painted on the side of this building.

A few more nice scenes of downtown including the landmark Courthouse, railroad bridge and Train Depot.


Charles P. Adams Park dedicated in memory of a Brigadier General from the Civil War. The park is very large with playing areas and picnicing.

Coming up next on our tour of Hastings is my favorite spot! The Vermillion Falls. Right off the main drag of Hwy 61 heading south through  town you will come to a bridge going over Vermillion river. Go east 1 block and park in the lot. You will see the pavillion below. Walk the path to the pyramid structure also shown below.

And behold this beauty of a site!

When I was younger, MUCH younger, I tubed down the Vermillion River a few miles before the falls, we got out before the rapids and scaled down the cliff on the other side and continued our journey. I had a fun day!

Hastings History

1851 - Treaties with the Dakota Indians opened the lands west of the Mississippi river for settlement.

1853- The future city was given a new name by the major landholders. Alexis Bailly, Henry G. Bailly, Alexander Faribault and Henry Hastings Sibley placed names in a hat. Hastings was drawn.

1857 - On March 7th, the city of Hastings was incorporated by the legislature. On June 2nd, Hastings became the county seat of government.

1858 - Minnesota entered the union as the 22nd state.

In just 8 years between 1852 and 1858, Hastings grew into a city of over 2,000 residents. Steamboats brought enterprising settlers who broke the prairie soil and built new homes. They established flour and saw mills, a brewery, brick factories, ferries, warehouses, schools, churches, government and even a university.

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