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Real Estate in McGregor, MN and Big Sandy Lake

McGregor - Big Sandy Lake
McGregor, Minnesota - Located approximately 2 hours north of Minneapolis on Hwy 65. Or West of Moose Lake about 45 minutes. Big Sandy Lake and Lake Minnewawa are just north of McGregor a few miles. Both Lakes boast some of Minnesota's best fishing with plentiful Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass and Pan Fish like Sunnie and Crappie. A main Bike Trail and Popular snowmobile trails go right through this area. It is a great stop for camping, fishing and boating as well as some historical sightseeing. A few scenic overlooks and some nice shore fishing spots can be found along with some nice restaurants in the area to help that craving stomach for your traveling party.

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Photos of the McGregor Area Below.

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The bogs that surround McGreagor contain Peat. Peat is dead and decaying plant material that accumulates in poorly drained land and old Glacial lake beds. The stagnant waters retard the normal decompostion of the vegetation, allowing peat to form. The United states has 51 million acres of peat: with seven million acres in Minnesota.

Reference to peat can be found in world Literature. Among the authors to mention it are Tacitus, Shakesphear and Emily Dickinson. Perhaps the most familiar is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in "The Hounds of Haskervilles", with the immortal Sherlock Holmes venturing onto the moors.

Minnesota has three types of Peat. The first is Fibric Peat, which is Tan to reddish brown in color. The second is Sapric which is very dark in color. Hemic, the third type is dark reddish brown. it is derived from sedges, rushes and reeds. Hemic bogs are found in the Mcgreagor area.

Used as fuel since Roman times. Peat has also been used as insulation, surgical dressings, a bath to treat injuries, and other medical conditions and a way to treat sewage wastes. Today the most common use is in horticulture. Various crops are harvested from peatlands. including wild, rice, sod, cranberries and blueberries. Peat serves as a major component of potting soil, soil conditioners and molded pots for the germination of seedlings.

Today the peat industry generates over ten million dollars of business in Minnesota. It is a resource that will become as our fossil fuels are expended. Finland, Ireland and Russia use Peat-burning power plants. Maine established a Peat fired power Plant in 1990

The First thing you will notice when entering the town of McGregor is the Visitor's Center
and some geological information about the area in Aitkin County.
Stop in and pick up some brochures and local area maps.

Photos of Big Sandy Lake Area Below

On your way to or back from the McGregor Area, stop in at Jack's Shack!
They are about 12 miles south of McGregor on Hwy 65 at Junction Hwy 27.
They have a Great Chicken Dinner! A personal tip from us that we had to mention!

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