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Real Estate in Moose Lake, MN

Moose Lake, MN (AGATE CAPITOL OF THE WORLD) is located about 100 miles north of the Twin Cities Metro Area along Interstate 35. It is a very convenient place to stop while taking a drive to Duluth or Cloquet. A very nice small town atmosphere will always welcome visitors. Moose Lake is a major snowmobiling and biking hub as it sits along the famous Willard Munger Trail. Moose Lake has a very nice swimming beach in their City Park and next to the park is a campground. This is a very popular place during the 4th of July! Fireworks and a carnival draw visitors from all over the Midwest. Moose Lake also hosts the annual "Moose Lake Agate Days Festival". There is a huge exibit of agates and an agate stampede right down the middle of Downtown Moose Lake. Come and enjoy the festivities! Moose Lake's many business' welcome you!

4th of July Celebration


Click the link above to see photos of the Agate Days Celebration!

400 lbs of agates and $300 dollars in quarters will be spread out by a truck
full of gravel on Elm Street on the 3rd Saturday of July. It's a wild scramble and its finders keepers,
young and old will enjoy. Moose Lake is home to the world's largest Lake
Superior Agate on record at 108 lbs. ( I don't think that there will be one that
large coming off of the truck, but you just never know!)
For more information contact Gary or Jennifer Pitoscia, Show CoChairpersons, 218 724-1894, Email Contact for Agate Days


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