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Agate Days Celebration, Moose Lake, MN

Agate Days Celebration
Moose Lake, MN
Agate Days in Moose Lake, Minnesota is quite a unique event in this quiet small community. Agates were most likely formed thousands of years ago when the pressure of the glaciers during the ice age after the great flood compressed the earth's minerals. Lake Superior glaciers left rare gems called agates. The best ones have a great translucent reddish color and many lines running throughout the stone, there are also (another favorite) Lake Superior Eye Agate.

A Free Gem show is hosted at the local school with many Gem vendors from numerous States showing off their pride gems which feature Lake Superior Agates. The Gem and Mineral show has grown so large, it has moved out of the gym, into the hallways, and overflows out in the back parking lot! In the afternoon the Moose Lake Chamber of commerce hosts the annual Agate Days Stampede! "Now this you have to see!" A dumptruck drops a load of rocks right down the Main street in downtown Moose Lake, mixed within these rocks there are 400 pounds of Agates and $300 in quarters for people to hunt for (truly a fun treasure hunt!). The shotgun start lets everyone know when the STAMPEDE begins.  Below are some photos taken by Mike Flipp to give you an idea of this True "Minnesota Bound" event.


And there you have it! A great days event! Moose Lake, Minnesota is the Agate capitol of the world. Stop by and check this one out! Go north of the Twin Cities about 1 hour and 40 minutes north on I35 to exit 214. This event is held on the 3rd Saturday in July with the Gem and Mineral Show going on all weekend.

There are also some activities and music in the park 1 block away from the high school. For more information contact Gary or Jennifer Pitoscia, Show CoChairpersons, 218 724-1894, Contact Agate Days by email

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