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Shakopee, MN


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Located in Scott County

In 1844 the first structure was built in Shakopee, by two fur
traders, Oliver and Harriet Faribault.
Thomas A. Homes constructed a trading house in 1851, and a framed store the following year.
Thomas A. Homes bears the historical title "The Father of Shakopee"
Named after a Dakota Chief.
In 1853 Scott county was organized and Shakopee was named
as the County seat.
In he early 1900's the town suffered many economic slumps, booming years , grasshopper
plaques and droughts.

We have some Photos of Valley Fair


An Overview of the park

The largest of the four rollercoasters
in the park


Fun for the kids

An Interesting sing along show


Antique Car Rides

Carousel originally from
the Excelsior Amusement Park


Stand on the Bridge YOU WILL get wet!!

Kids Jungle - Wear them out


The Hydro Blaster

And there is a light at the end.


More ways to get Wet!



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