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Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, MN

Split Rock Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park is located on Hwy 61 north of Duluth heading up the North Shore. One of Minnesota's most scenic drives and my personal favorite! It's spectacular and we want to show it to you!


Such a beauty resting on the cliff

Camping and hiking trails are awesome!

Visitor Center

Lake Superior below Split Rock

A scene through my shades ...neat!

same scene .. no shades

A distant view of the lighthouse.

Nice rocky angle with the island coming in on the right.

The lighthouse, Lake Superior and island in tall scene.

Split Rock Lighthouse closeup.
You will need to purchase a day pass to the lighthouse or a Minnesota State Parks sticker to drive down to the beach area where I took most of the photos. Tours are given daily inside the lighthouse, this is something you should see. I did not post any photos of the lighthouse inside because I had to leave you something to see ...right? I could spend all day on the rocky beach......

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