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Stone Arch Bridge, St Anthony Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Stone Arch Bridge
St Anthony Falls
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"This viaduct is the only one of its kind that spans the Father of Waters,
and is one of the largest and most noteworthy in the United States.
Firmer than the earthwhich supports it, it is constructed to stand the test of time"
-Daily Minnesota Tribune, November 23, 1883


Taken from the Banks of the Mississippi

My Daughter trying to flag down the Trolly
She's not much of a walker.
The Trolly can be taken from the West end of the Bridge


The Historic Milling District
The Trolley Starts Here. They are planning on revamping the District


Another Shot of the Bridge from The Mississippi River

St. Anthony Falls View from the bridge.
it really is the only good spot to View the Falls

The Turn around spot for the Trolley
Several outdoor Cafes and also check out
The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices

Constructed 1882 - 1883

The Stone Arch Bridge was Constructedas a railroad bridge by James J. Hill and the Minneapolis Union Railway Company. Designed by Colonel Charles C. Smith, the bridge cut diagonally across the Mississippi River with a 6' curve at the west end. It was 2,100 feet long, 76 feet high with 23 arches. The Bridge was built of 100,000 tons of stone: granite from Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, and limestone quarried from nearby Mississippi River Bluffs and from Mankato, Minnesota: Stone City, Iowa: and Bridgeport, Wisconsin.  Construction took twenty two months.

From January 16, 1862 to November 22, 1863 - 600 men worked day & night, winter & summer Heavy labor was provided by men and by horses harnessed to windlasses. Steam Powered pumps removed water during construction of pier foundations. Trains provided the means to haul the stone from distant quarries. Three men lost their lives.
1907 - 1910 Arches were reinforced, crown to crown, to carry heavier loads
1925 Tracks were widened and parapet walls cut back to accommodate the increased size of trains
1948 - 82 passenger train crossed daily in the heyday of the bridge.
1961 - 1963 St. Anthony Falls Upper Lock, constructed by the US Army Corps of Engineers, required removal of arches 13 and 14 and pier 14 and installation of a 200 foot Warren Truss.
1965 Record breaking Spring Floods caused major damage to peir 7 and arches 6 and 7. Repairs were made by the owner of the bridge. The Great Northern Railway Company.
1978 The last passenger train crossed the bridge
1989 Hennein County Regional Railroad Authority purchased the bridge
1992 Ownership was transferred to the Minnesota Department of Transportation
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