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Real Estate in Taylors Falls, Minnesota

Taylors Falls
The St Croix River

Located on the Minnesota - Wisconsin border on the west bank of the St Croix River. In 1850 W.H.C. Folsom erected a general store, for the community and the loggers in the area. Taylors Falls officially incorperated in 1851 and served as the county seat until 1861. 


Site of Historic Log Jams
In 1886 it took two steamboats , two steam engines, every available team of horses in the area, and over 200 men working with peevies and dynamite six weeks to break up a log jam at Taylors Falls. Stacked 50 feet high in places, logs choked the river for miles, a spectacle of sufficient magnitude of sight seers. 
Jams of 250 million feet of timber were a common occurrence from 1850 to 1890, as lumberman on the Upper St Croix sent their winter cut of White pine downstream to the mills at Stillwater. To control the flow of logs that piled up at Taylors Falls where the river made a sharp right angle bend, The Nevers Dam was built 2 miles upstream in 1890. In 1912 the last log sluiced through its gates, and the colorful days of logging on the St Croix were over.

Historical Marker erected in 1976 by the
Taylors Falls Bicentennial Historic Marker project

The Settlement of Taylors Falls
In 1837 the United States acquired from the Chippewa , lumbering rights to the pine rich St. Croix Valley. Many lumberman did not wait for congress to ratify the treaty, but hurried into the area to claim the best timber. One of these, Joseph R. Brown, set up a trading post and lumbering camp on the west bank of the St. Croix at what is now Taylors Falls. Jesse Taylor, for whom the town was named, arrived the same year and laid claim to the west bank of the river. The next year he returned with men, boats, building materials, and a partner, Benjamin F. Baker, to begin construction of a mill just north of what was to become the town's upper steamboat landing. Taylor built a double log house, a sawmill, and other improvements but was forced to sell his claim and holdings to Joshua L. Taylor in 1846. It was the first exchange of deeded land in the St Croix Valley.
Gradually Taylors Falls became a town. The first two frame house were built in 1846 and in 1848  Dan Mears opened the first store. In 1850 the town's downtown area was laid out, and W.H.C. Folsom one of the great figures in St. Croix lumbering history, erected a three story frame store building. Heavy immigration, at first mainly New England Yankees followed by large numbers of Swedes in the 1850's, transformed the tiny settlement into a bustling frontier town.

Historical Marker erected in 1976 by the
Taylors Falls Bicentennial Historic Marker project


The St. Croix River

Devils Tower


Green Bay Packer Fans
Gonna Jump in to the River to swim over to
The Minnesota Vikings

When Traveling the River you will see 
alot of Rock formations that form faces
and Animals


Another Shot Of the River

Over looking the St. Croix Valley

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